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About John Bradberry and His Consulting Services in Photography

John Bradberry Consulting is a business idea that has been on the back of John’s mind for the longest time but he never had the opportunity to focus on it because much of his time revolved around his profession: wedding and events photography. When he retired from professional photography, he seized the opportunity to finally pursue his other passion: mentoring photographers of every level. With the luxury of time now on his hands, he is able to provide freelance photography consulting services to the individuals and groups that approach him; those who seek his expertise and knowledge in wedding and events photography.

Growing up in Charlotte, NC

John grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina with his dad, who worked as a banker, and his mom, who taught at the local school until their retirement. His was a relatively normal childhood; school, friends, and family were the main influences in his life. Summers were spent working odd jobs with his best friend and hanging out at arcades. On occasion, he would go on trips with his parents to give you the chance to explore the world beyond the confines of the neighborhood as his father used to say.

It was on these trips that John developed his love for photography. He wanted to remember every delightful experience and the amazing sights they’ve visited, and so he took pictures of every place they’ve ever been to. Some of his photos even included locals they’ve met and forged friendships with!

How he got into wedding photography

Growing up, John’s family would often get invited to parties and events hosted by his parents’ friends and these included a couple of weddings. With his basic point-and-shoot camera, he would take pictures of these events and most of the time, these ended up in the albums of the hosts. There was one particular wedding, however, that changed everything for John.

His cousin got married, and true to form, John took as many pictures as he could. From the church ceremony to the reception, he took shot after shot, and perhaps owing to his natural creativity, his pictures were seen as better than the official wedding photographer’s! Needless to say, his photos took up most of the wedding album’s space.

Feeling quite proud of how his photos were perceived by family and friends, John began advertising himself as an “affordable professional wedding photographer.” By the time he was off to college, he already had a string of successful wedding photography projects under his belt.

John Bradberry attended the University of Southern California-Marshall School of Business for his undergraduate business course. John knew that he needed a solid college course to fall back on should his photography venture prove to be unsuccessful. But perhaps photography really runs through his veins because even while attending university, he was able to land photography gigs (which partially paid for his college education).

And you know what they say, the rest is history.

Before John Bradberry Consulting came about, John spent more than two decades working as a professional wedding and events photographer to a wide range of clients, from private couples and individuals, to famous personalities and large corporations.

If you wish to inquire about his consulting services, please feel free to leave a comment.