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John Bradberry Consulting Photography News and Events

For those who wish to learn about events and programs currently being offered by John Bradberry Consulting, this is the page for you. In here, you can learn about John’s current mentor-ship programs and private photography consulting services, as well as the latest news and events in photography happening in the country and other parts of the world.

Particular focus will be given to events and exhibits that are currently running or scheduled to run in hopes of encouraging readers to attend any or all of these if time and budget permit because John believes that it is by studying the works of others that one can discover about one’s own talents and abilities in photography, and in the process also learn something new.

John Bradberry Consulting is based in Los Angeles, California where he currently resides, but from time to time, he travels to other parts of the country, especially to his hometown of Charlotte, NC to share his knowledge and expertise to budding photographers. On occasion, he also gets invited to show his previous works in galleries, and readers will learn about these before the show/s open so they are given the opportunity to view some of his works in person if they do so wish.

To start things off, let’s take a look at one of the most notable photography events that happened the past year.

Anton Yelchin’s Posthumous Show

Anton Yelchin passed away in a tragic accident on June 19, 2016, at the young age of 27. Yelchin was generally known for the characters that he played in such movies as “Star Trek,” “Star Trek Into Darkness,” “Star Trek Beyond,” and “Like Crazy.” But to his friends, family, and close colleagues, Yelchin was more than just a Hollywood celebrity. He was an artist, and this not only showed in his film and television portrayals, but more importantly, in his photographs.

For the last six years until his untimely death, Yelchin had been taking photos of anything and everything that interests him, and collecting these for a show that he wished to hold sometime in the future.

To honor him and his works, family and friends gathered together to organize a show that will be held posthumously. His untitled works, about 40 in all, were finally shown to the public in November, five months after his tragic passing.

Anton Yelchin: Photographs was held at Other, an LA-based showroom and gallery that, according to the show’s curator Kelly Cole, the actor chose as his venue for his first major solo photo show. In attendance during the opening were some of Yelchin’s closest friends in the industry including Star Trek co-stars Chris Pine and John Cho, as well as other Hollywood A-listers like Susan Sarandon, Nicolas Hoult, sisters Dakota and Elle Fanning, and Demi Moore.

The show ran from November through December 31.

Please stay tuned for more posts and updates from John Bradberry on his consulting services as well as news, events and information on photography.