John Bradberry Consulting: Wedding Photography Equipment

Retired professional photographer John Bradberry offers consulting services to wedding and events photographers, and conducts workshops for photographers of various skill levels to help further enhance their skills and advance their careers. This page’s main focus will be on photography gear and equipment, accessories, and other must-haves for professional photographers. He starts this page with his first entry on equipment and accessories that will make for a successful wedding photography event.

In wedding photography, having the right equipment matters.

Imagine this scenario: you’re on location for a wedding photography gig and you know you’re all set for the big day but just when you’re already in the middle of taking photos, your camera decides to conk out on you. Or your batteries die. Or you find that you no longer have storage space for the reception photos. What happens then?

These, and every other unimaginable circumstance, have happened to the best of wedding photographers at one time or another. Sadly, these could have been avoided and the photographers could have saved themselves the stress and worry had they come prepared. So for this post, let’s take a look at the photography essentials you need to have on hand for a wedding gig.


These are additional equipment and accessories, on top of what you will use, that you need to take with you to the wedding. These can be a lifesaver!

1. Extra Camera. If you are the only commissioned photographer for the wedding, it goes without saying that having an extra camera with you is a must! And even if there is another photographer for the event, it will still be a good move on your part to have an extra camera ready in case the need arises. And with weddings, you’ll never know when an extra camera will save the day!

2. Lens. Depending on the location, you may need a lens with a wider range and longer focus so better take one with you. It always helps to have a lens that’s different from what you’re using so you’ll have options for shots, angles, and compositions.

3. Batteries. Bring two sets if you can. More batteries is always better than no batteries, in John’s opinion.

4. Memory/SD cards. Remember I mentioned above about photographers running out of storage space while the wedding was still ongoing? Don’t let this happen to you! Bring extra memory cards! Don’t just take one or two with you, bring as many as you can. And make sure that the cards are empty. You don’t want others’ photos getting mixed up with what you recently shot at the wedding.


Accessories can make your life easier while you’re on the job. From a tripod to flash, these are essential gear for a wedding shoot.

  • Tripod
  • Flash (with extra flash batteries)
  • Flash diffuser
  • Video light
  • Lens pen or lens cleaner/wiper
  • Towels for wiping your gear (microfiber towels are ideal)

Do you have other essential items that you take with you when you shoot a wedding and reception? Please share your thoughts with us!

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